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Welcome to CEAP

 May 9th, Spring is here, Crunch time is coming fast!!!

Mid way through May and we are now seeing the end of the year approaching fast.  Pacing is becoming VERY  important to pay attention to.  If you are in LINEAR (full year) courses you should now be 85% complete your course. If you are in a SEMESTER TWO course, you should now be 70% complete....  If you are NOT,   you should be increasing your time and ensure you get back on pace as soon as possible.   If you just began your course, and are carrying through the summer and completing in the fall, then your pacing will depend upon your start date. 

At this point of the course, you  should be VERY comfortable with communicating with your teacher via MOODLE message.   Should you have any questions or problems, please be sure to touch base with her/him as soon as possible.   ACTIVE communication is key to success in a self-directed course.  

For those of you that are NOT going to complete your course by the end of June, communicate with your teacher and REQUEST a possible extension to the END of JULY.  This is called a SECTION FOUR Summer School Extension.   This must be granted by your CEAP teacher (NOT your counselor) and requesting this does NOT guarantee it will be granted.   It also is a hard cap extension, which means that on July 27th, your course completion is closed.   Your achievement is recorded at that time, and will become your final mark.    

Be sure to use the "tracking student progress" link below to get outline reports on how you are doing in your courses. This information is available 24/7 for you and parents.

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Student Progress Reports

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Login Information

Your student Moodle login and password may have been updated due to District Network Upgrading. 

Here is how to login if your old username and password are not working:

  • Username: student number
  • Password: your birth date in the following format mdyyyy
    • Example: Feb 9, 1999 is 291999
    • Example: Dec 14, 1998 is 12141998   

If you are logging in remotely (i.e. from home) this must remain your password UNTIL you come into a school and use a SD69 networked computer to change your password. Logging in as described above will give you access to your Moodle course immediately.