Collaborative Education Alternative Program

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Welcome to CEAP

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The End of Term Three is here!

Thursday, April 22 marks the end of term three. We have just 9 weeks left in our year! We hope that you are up to date in your courses. Pacing is VERY easy to work out at this time. Linear or full-year courses should now be about 80% complete, and semester two courses should be approximately 50-55% done at this point. If you are behind, please invest some additional time to get caught up. USE IT IF YOU NEED IT.   

Report cards for semester two courses will be coming out shortly. They will be ready Friday, April 30th. If you are a KSS/BSS student, your CEAP courses will show on your KSS/BSS report card and if you are a full-time CEAP student they will be ready for pick up at the CEAP office or can be emailed to you upon request.


Student Login Information

Please remember the following rules when logging in:

PASSWORD: YOUR BIRTHDATE  (MDYYYY)  *NO leading zeros   Ex: August 19 2002  --> 8192002

  TEST CODES / PASSWORDS: Please note that when completing tests with CEAP, the following procedures will be adhered to:   

  1. Pending any rare/individual circumstances, tests/quizzes requiring codes will be done in CEAP rooms under the supervision of CEAP teachers. 
  2. Passwords will not be given directly to the student, instead, you will need to get ready for the test at your computer and a CEAP staff member will type the password in for you.
  3. With extenuating circumstances, a parent or teacher at another school may agree to supervise your test. The CEAP teacher will then email them the policies which they will need to agree to before passwords are sent electronically to them.