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Happy November!!!   Well, Halloween is done, the candy-induced sugar rush is over, and we are back to our standard time with early darkness, and the smell of Mt. Washington snow in the air!!!    Friday Nov. 8 marks the END OF TERM ONE.  This means that pacing is SUPER easy to figure out.   At this point, you should be 50% done your first semester class, and 25% done your year long class.   Can’t get any easier than that!   Please make sure you are keeping pace and if you are behind, be sure to build more time into your schedule to get back on track.   

At this point in the year, teachers are asked to ensure that they make contact and do some reporting.  For year long courses this means INTERIM reports with home in the form of emails, moodle messages, or hard copy interim reports.   For first semester courses, this means REPORT CARDS.  

Here at CEAP, report cards will be done based on November 8th, (term end), and reported by Nov 22nd.  How that will be given to you will depend upon your main school:     

  • Full time CEAP students will have report cards in the office on Nov. 22nd.  
  • KSS/BSS students in grades 10-12 will have CEAP classes reported on their KSS/BSS report cards, on Nov. 22nd.
  • KSS/BSS students in grades 8-9 will have separate CEAP report cards WITH their KSS/BSS report cards, on Nov. 22nd.

Please remember, ONLY first semester CEAP classes will be reported on with report cards.    


TEST CODES / PASSWORDS:   Please note that when completing tests with CEAP, the following procedures will be adhered to:   

  1. Pending any rare / individual circumstances, tests / quizzes requiring codes will be done in CEAP rooms under the supervision of CEAP teachers. 
  2. Passwords will not be given directly to the student, instead, you will need to get ready for the test at your computer and a CEAP staff member will type the password in for you.
  3. With extenuating circumstances, a parent or teacher at another school may agree to supervise your test. The CEAP teacher will then email them the policies which they will need to agree to before passwords are sent electronically to them.

CEAP" Up to Date

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Student Progress Reports

Interested in accessing student outline reports in Moodle to view current student grades and how often students have logged in? Read more

Login Information

Your student Moodle login and password may have been updated due to District Network Upgrading. 

Here is how to login if your old username and password are not working:

  • Username: student number
  • Password: your birth date in the following format mdyyyy
    • Example: Feb 9, 1999 is 291999
    • Example: Dec 14, 1998 is 12141998   

If you are logging in remotely (i.e. from home) this must remain your password UNTIL you come into a school and use a SD69 networked computer to change your password. Logging in as described above will give you access to your Moodle course immediately.